Angelus Mortem is an extreme metal media source based out of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, created in 2016 by Nikodem Rybarczyk. Frustrated by the lack of metal bands in his hometown, he decided to create an outlet for extreme metal music. As a passionate metal fan since the age of 14, Nikodem cares about one thing: promoting extreme underground metal, no matter what genre!

Angelus Mortem believes in the sharing, purchasing and distribution of heavy metal music. Artists should be supported for their efforts; good music should not be disregarded! Links to purchase albums and merchandise, as well as social media links to follow the band or label, will always be posted at the end of every post.

Listening is not even half of what the metal community has to offer. Metal fans are eager to suggest new music to others and want to connect and share. In a general sense, metal music itself creates a community, and this website is meant to be be inclusive to all metalheads who have a passion for extreme music.

This website is only meant for extreme metal music and artists (not exactly referring to the genre, here). Extreme music is a complete deviance from the norms of society; delving into grand, obscure, profound, or otherwise disturbing subject matter and expressing it using visual and auditory art. This website does not care about typical, day-to-day, subject matter and will not post anything of that nature, HOWEVER; a writers opinion may differ from this standard, as freedom of choice is a basic human right.

On this platform, you’ll be able to enjoy content from a variety of different categories:

  • New tracks and music videos
  • Album reveals
  • Reviews
  • Face-to-face, over the phone, and written interviews with bands and artists
  • A gallery photo’s and video (coming soon in 2018!)
  • Opinion Pieces
  • And More!

We DO NOT tolerate nor care about the following:

  • Any form of spam and direct hatred; no trolling
  • Pushing ideals and music onto others; we all have a free choice
  • Drama between bands, musicians about petty nonsense
  • Any form of gossip
  • Information from non-credible sources; real facts only
  • Promotion of your own music via comments (if you have a release you would like me listen to, please send it by e-mail)

Angelus Mortem is a new and fresh media platform which will continue to evolve day by day. Please help spread it and make the metal community a better place. There’s a lot to look forward too in the year of 2018, so keep staying metal!