“Esoteric Malacology” – Slugdge NEW ALBUM

The nasty death metal freaks known as Slugdge have announced the release of their new album Esoteric Malacology! The record will be out March 2 and released via Willowtip Records. They got signed about three years ago and Willowtip released a vinyl version of their third album Dim & Slimeridden Kingdoms, as well as a compilation of all three of their albums called Cosmic Cornucopia.

You might be asking yourself: “Why the fuck would you make a slug themed metal band?”. The truth is, who ever said metal had to be serious? Making a death metal band that sounds as brutal as it does while having it center around SLUGS is fucking ridiculous, but that’s where the charm comes from! Not only is the music incredible, but the joke gets even funnier when you realize what these guys are so pissed off about; damn slugs!



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Slugdge Facebook and Bandcamp
Willowtip Records Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter