Two Amazing Splits!

2018 is off to a great start with a few promising releases from the likes of Shining, Watain, and Summoning, but today I wanted to focus on two specific splits that grabbed my attention.

A split is a cool way for a label to advertise bands if they’re both signed to the same one, but sometimes, a split can also create a unique opportunity for bands to delve into new soundscapes and experiment to make a great collaborative effort. There have been two splits I’d like to discuss that definitely accomplish the latter, so let’s check ’em out!

Image result for iron reagan gatecreeper1. Iron Reagan and Gatecreeper Split

This was announced a few days ago, and it definitely surprised me! Both bands are signed to Relapse Records and have displayed a lot of prominence in the metal scene. I wouldn’t imagine a split like this coming to life considering how musically different Iron Reagan and Gatecreeper are. Perhaps you’re not a fan of old-school death metal or crossover thrash, but this split could offer a chance for both of these bands to try something different.

Iron Reagan has been going strong for over five years now; so far having three albums, an EP, and two splits will Exhumed and, a year later, Toxic Shock. Their sound evolved with each album by embracing new elements whilst keeping the crossover sound. I think it’s certain that no matter what the band will bring to the table, their music will always be meant to be a fun and crazy experience; a moshpit in the form of an album.

Gatecreeper is a band that had seen numerous amounts of praise with their breakthrough record Sonoran Depravation. I haven’t heard of them before I saw them live in Detroit alongside Nails, Toxic Holocaust, and Breaking Wheel, and judging by the amount of bruises I got, they’re as much of a live band as they are a studio band. The energy is performed with a nihilistic expression of anger and desolation; showing a grim and realistic world through the music and lyrics.

The split is set for March 2 via Relapse Records. Judging by the teaser tracks, “Paper Shredder” and “War Has Begun”, the rest of the song titles, and the artwork, this split will be an aggressive musical endeavor, especially for Iron Reagan. Let’s hope this ends up tearing our fucking heads off!


2. Pure and Horna Split

You didn’t see this shit coming, did you?! I thought Horna and Pure would never collaborate due to the difference in style, not to mention that this split literally came out of nowhere on January 4th via World Terror Committee. Pure is a raw and depressive black metal project from Switzerland, and has demonstrated absolutely suffocating atmosphere’s since their 2014 debut Kingdom of Wrath. Four albums later, they’ve paired up with the mighty Horna to deliver an aggressive black metal assault.

Pure typically plays slowly with melancholy, but they’ve been able to demonstrate faster and more classical black metal tones on this split while still having that numbing atmosphere. Horna sounds as they’ve always did; this split may have something to do with their newest EP Kuolleiden Kuu, released on the same label. A visceral release for any black metal fan!



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