Don’t Miss Out On These Three Amazing Releases!

As the year comes to an end, 2017 keeps delivering new releases and announcing more and more records for the upcoming year. I have three releases to show you that came out this month or that have been announced for the following year, so let’s get into the bands!

1. Decade Ov Desacralization + Obscuration – Relics of Humanity (Compilation + EP)

Belarusian brutal death metal savages Relics of Humanity are hitting us with a compilation in January 28th of next year, released via the mighty Gorehouse Productions. Decade Ov Desecralization contains a total of 12 tracks; two singles released between 2015 and 2017, two from their 2015 album Ominously Reigning Upon the Intangible, two from their 2012 album Guided by the Soulless Call, three previously unreleased tracks recorded between 2007-2010, two live songs, as well as a brand new track called “Desacralization”.

In a recent Facebook post, the band also announced that they’ve signed to Willowtip Records and plan on releasing a brand new EP sometime during the spring with 6 new tracks. The EP is titled Obscuration and will feature art from the legendary Dan Seagrave, who’s worked with bands like Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Decrepit Birth.

Relics of Humanity doesn’t fuck around; if you’ve ever heard their music, you know how relentlessly brutal it is. Their subject matter consists of dethroning holy beings, as well as cataclysmic events, which translates into a hurricane of blast beats, insane drum patterns, dark riffs, and gutturals that will rip your head off. This would be a great opportunity to grab some unheard material from these guys, so don’t miss out on this compilation!

2. Slampocalypse – Gutrectomy

It’s been a long time since slam has been on Angelus Mortem, but there have been some really great releases this year in the genre. The new Cerebral Incubation kicked ass, Analepsy melted faces with their their debut Atrocties from Beyond and re-melted them with their contribution to the Krannialepsy split with Kraanium, and Gutrectomy just dropped their debut album Slampocalypse on December 8.

These German’s know how to slam; there’s a lot going on here other than just slam riffs and slow paced breakdowns. You can find yourself headbanging to plenty of blast beats, fast-paced grooves, and technical riffing mixed in with the new hardcore elements. There are no cliches or boring moments on here; each tracks has a purpose, and the whole album is a lot of fun!

The features on this thing were pretty cool to see, as well. Lucca Schmerler of Mental Cruelty appears on the second track “Flatulence Violence”, Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia makes an appearance on the sixth track “Uterus Uppercut”, and Nicola Delvais of Cordyceps shows up on “Midget Facefuck”. Yeah…the names of the tracks alone are worth buying the CD for.

3. The Crypts Below – Sentient Horror (EP)

Holy. Fucking. Shit. If you’re an avid death metal fan and haven’t yet listened to Sentient Horror, stop reading this and check out their full-length debut Ungodly Forms. It’s seriously one of the best death metal records of last year, and I extend my fullest hails to Redefining Darkness Records for making the vinyl pressing of this album possible.

Sentient Horror is an old-school death metal band from New Jersey, USA, and play the genre fresh and creatively. They have tons of amazing riffs, very catchy hooks, and seem like the kind of band you would literally break your neck to at a show. They have great musical ability and know how to pull in the listener the moment the record starts to spin.

Their newest EP the Crypts Below will be unleashed on March 18 next year, and is available for pre-order on Redefining Darkness Records on both CD and vinyl format. Don’t sleep on this!

I encourage you to support the music you love! Links below:

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