Keeping It Old-School with Caco-Daemon Records

A few months back, I made a post about Neckbreaker Records (which you can check out here) and made a point about underground labels; how crucial it is for people to support them so that they can thrive and keep discovering new talent across the metal spectrum. Well, in the recent months I had come to realize that there are few who do this as well as Andreas Sepulcher and his independent label Caco-Daemon Records from Germany.

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Caco-Daemon Records has been able to accomplish so much in only a matter of a year. It’s pretty impressive, and I feel as if not giving this man the recognition he deserves would be unjust to the metal community. In this vast ocean of mediocre bands and labels, it’s pretty clear that Andreas really cares about bringing out great music to metalheads.  For this post, I decided to go through some of my favorite Caco-Daemon Records releases. Enjoy!

1. “To Torture and Murder” – Abomination 

The first band on the countdown is Abomination, a death metal band based out of Paraguay. It’s pretty astounding that these guys have been around since 1995 without releasing anything; as far as I could find, all they have is an obscure demo from 2009 that never made it past their country, and their To Torture and Murder demo released this year. Nonetheless, it’s one hell of a release to start off with, and Abomination really deliver an onslaught of brutality.

With only four tracks, To Torture and Murder managed to be one of the most entertaining death metal releases I’ve heard all year. Great riffs, catchy hooks, vocals that sound like a belching demon who just ate too many souls, and an atmosphere that feels very much like Cannibal Corpse on their earlier works; to the point and visceral. There’s nothing melodic, wishy-washy, or eccentric on this demo; just pure bloody gore and brutality. If you like your death metal straight to the point and relentless, give Abomination some love!


2. “Flesh Burns” – Unbound

Caco-Daemon Records usually releases pure death metal music, but Unbound stands out among the rest. This Australian four-piece combine punk music, death metal, and some grind to create unique sound. It’s very jumpy and all over the place, which in turn kind of reminds me of a more brutal version of a hardcore punk band. Their first demo, “Flesh Burns”, was released on June 10th of this year.

It’s a solid release that delivers on every aspect. The guitars are punchy, the drums are full of energy, and the vocals are full of putrid filth as if KP was literally trying to vomit out the lyrics. The whole things sounds like if Minor Threat listened to Napalm Death and took speed, and frankly, listening to the demo made me feel that way! Support these guys if you like to get wild, man.

Image result for obliteration of the self inert3. “Obliteration of the Self” – Inert

You’ve probably seen me raving on social media and on Angelus Mortem about how much I love this band and their EP Obliteration of the Self, released last year. Inert is an international old-school death metal band from Spain and Sweden, and despite being around for only two years and only having one EP under their belt, they’ve managed to become one of my favorite current death metal acts. You can read my review of their EP here.

Caco-Daemon Records actually released this twice; once on a regular tape last year during September, and a very limited Japanese edition in November with an obi strip, a white tape with blood splatter (yes it’s real blood, it even smells like it…) and a bonus track; an alternative version of “Fake Servant of God” titled “Kamen o Tuketa Tenshi”. If you can bang our head as much as I can to Inert, then you’ll definitely want to head over and support these guys.

4. “Demo 1994” – Creepozoid

Referring back to my Phidion review, there many great bands that fade away into obscurity and end up disbanding without reaching any kind of success. But sometimes, labels dig up these old bands and repress their old material, making them significant years later. Caco-Daemon Records did just that with the Switzerland based death metal band Creepozoid and their 1994 demo.

Andreas outlined in a Facebook post about how when reading German Ablaze magazine, a “newly created haven for Death and Black Metal maniacs”, he saw a lot of positive reviews for the demo and ordered it. It turned out to be one of his favorite demo’s of all time, and wanted to honor it by re-releasing the demo through Caco-Daemon Records. It’s unfortunate that this was the only material that they ever released, since they disbanded due to disappointment of not being offered a record deal. 

Their music is unlike any European death metal I’ve heard from the 90’s. Most of the the of the death metal acts in Europe at the time had a very similar sound, but Creepozoid doesn’t exactly follow in their footsteps; they actually have more influence from American bands like Cannibal Corpse, Embalmer, and Autopsy. The guitar tone and double bass are very thick in the mix, and vocalist Ezio Ingargiola uses a combination of mid-growls and deep gutturals in addition to the instruments to create a destructive vibe.

It almost sounds like a modern brutal death metal album put together with old-school death metal, and just pounds you in the face repeatedly until you’re left in a bleeding pile of mush. If you’re going to check out anything from this list, give Creepozoid a shot; you will not be disappointed.

5. “Horrors From the Tomb” – Under the Church

As an adamant fan of the old-school death metal resurgence, Under the Church has to be one of my favorite’s. Their sound is unmistakably brutal; combining haunting riffs, great grooves, and a bestial vocal delivery. I would consider their new album, Supernatural Punishment, to be one of the best of the year.

Caco-Daemon Records pressed this release twice and for good reasons. It’s a live tape of Under the Church performing in Berlin at a venue called Cortina Bob on September 17th, 2016. I was honestly expecting really bad audio quality, but was glad to hear how absolutely brutal this tape is! Erik Sahlström (Crucifyre, General Surgery) sounds like a literal beast from hell; every time he bellows to the crowd I get goosebumps. The double bass is also really punchy and loud, which I felt added to the experience.

The coolest things about this live album is that it’s immersive. You really feel like you’re at this show: sweaty, beer spilt on your head, probably wearing an Under the Church tee-shirt on top of the one you walked in with. Seeing Under the Church live is something I dream of, and this tape gave me a small taste of what that’s like. And for that I owe my thanks to Caco-Daemon Records.


And that’s the list! I hope you consider checking out all these bands and supporting Andreas and his label. He really puts in a lot of hard work into his one-man operation, and it’s evident that he cares about releasing quality music from underground bands. I’m always exited whenever he announces something new and try to order fast before it sells out, as most of his releases are pretty limited. Also, keep in mind that Caco-Daemon Records only releases in tape format, so if you’re not into cassettes then…start being.

There more stuff Caco-Daemon Records released from bands I didn’t mention here, such as: Pestilent Death, Korpsesoturi, Grave Plague, and Bastard Grave. Not to say these aren’t amazing, but I wanted to pick my favorites. I still encourage you to support these guys along with the rest, as with every band you support, you also support Caco-Daemon Records and a thriving underground extreme metal scene. Stay metal and support the labels that help it live!

I encourage you to support the music you love! Links below:

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