“Reflux” – Deadspace NEW TRACK


Deadspace - Logo

Deadspace just released a new song off of their upcoming album Liquid Sky, titled “Reflux”, on their YouTube channel. The record will be out November 15th via Talheim Records.

When it comes to depressive black metal, Deadspace stands out for bringing a new sound to the table that I don’t see a lot of bands doing. These guys are very much in the vein of acts like Psychonaut 4 and Vanhelga; they work with black metal, rock, and use those depressive undertones to achieve ‘melancholic happiness’. The differences would in the fact that Deadspace is a lot softer in comparison, and their music is meant to uplift the soul rather than numb it out.

“Reflux” has a lot of what makes an enjoyable metal song with replay value: a good use of clean and growl vocals, nice guitar work with a solo thrown in, and an atmosphere that makes your heart beat faster while you listen to the pulsing rhythms and sad melodies. Great track!




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