Upcoming Albums Update #3: October PART 2

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I promised, so here it is! There’s a good reason for this second part, as Friday the 13th will be upon us and horrible misfortune will affect even the most go-lucky people…except for metalheads because there’s about a million records being released on the same day from some incredible bands. If you haven’t checked out part 1 of the October upcoming albums round up, then check it out here. This update will focus only on albums coming out on Friday the 13th of 2017, so consider this a special occasion. I’ll be talking about six bands that you may or may not of heard of, and these guys deserve all the support they an get. Let’s get into…the METAL.

“Our Need of Consolation Is Insatiable” – Waiting For My End

Image may contain: textWith the weather getting colder and the 13th being best associated with bad luck and inevitably of failure, what better way to start off then with a depressive black metal project called Waiting For My End. This french one-man band is powered by A.K., who is an active member in other black metal projects like Decline of the I, Merrimack, Malhkebre, Vorkreist, among others. With tons of experience playing music, as well as working with various other nihilist and depressing themes in other bands over the years, it comes as no surprise that he would start a project like this.

Waiting For My End was spawned in 2015, and is finally releasing the debut album via Atavism Records, and you can stream it now on Scholomance Webzine. It’s a very numbing experience, and puts the listener in a trance that just makes them want to fall asleep and never wake up. It reminded me a lot of Unjoy; oftentimes there is constant slow riff that plays under the vocals and other melodies to create a dull and despairing atmosphere. Don’t miss out on this debut!



“E” – Enslaved

Image result for e enslavedThis list would not be complete if Enslaved were not mentioned! These Norwegian viking lords need no introduction; having been part of the scene since it’s inception in the early 90’s with the second wave of black metal bands like Emperor and Mayhem, Enslaved is a household name for many metalheads. They are set to release their 14th album via Nuclear Blast Records, titled E.

With their 13th album In Times, Enslaved had a perfect blend of ferocious black metal riffs mixed in with progressive and melodic elements. They have been breaking boundaries in the scene since their inception and still are, and with each album they keep moving towards bigger and better soundscapes. E will be nothing short of perfect, and I can say that with confidence.




“Endinghent” – Altarage

Image may contain: outdoorAltarage is one of those groups that generally terrify me. Take the guitar tone of an evil drone/doom band, then play viciously aggressive black and death metal with it, and you got yourself a recipe that even scares the truest of kvlt. That’s the best way I can describe their first album NIHIL, which came out last year via Doomentia Records. Now signed to Seasons of Mist, Altarage is on their way to new heights in the darkest abyss of nihilism and destruction.

Endinghent is looking to be more punishing, more brutal, and feature some of the most skull-crushing guitar work you’ve ever heard from…well, we don’t know really, as the members identities remain a secret. Regardless, watch out for this one! Literally…




“Temple of the Impure” – Hades Archer

Image result for hades archer temple of the impureThis is a release worth being exited for; Hades Archer is releasing their new album via Hells Headbangers, and I have high hopes for this band. The two previous albums that came before, For the Diabolical Ages and Curse Over Mankind, are not bad records: they feature a lot of great riffs, some brutal vocals from front man Nabucodonosor III, and are full of rage and energy, it’s just that I just always felt like Hades Archer could do so much more. so far, they haven’t fully expanded their musical capabilities to achieve maximum black metal savagery.

Judging from the track Hell Headbangers released ,Chaos Teratoris Chimeras, I hope that the new record is an extended version of their Penis Metal EP (say what you want, that EP is amazing). Let’s keep our hopes up and pray to Baphomet this Chile due will deliver the plague we all so crave.



“Eroded Corridors of Unbeing” – Spectral Voice

Related imageI already expressed my excitement for Spectral Voices’ Eroded Corridors of Unbeing when they released the track Thresholds Beyond. It was a dark, creepy and foreboding doom/death metal song which reminded me of only the most terrifying climaxes of H.P Lovecraft stories or Edgar Alan Poe poems. It makes you feel like you’re being sucked into a void in where your essence will be eternally devoured, and you cannot escape it’s pull. This is the sound of Spectral Voice.

After blowing minds with their demo Necrotic Doom, fans like myself could not wait for their debut to drop. The album will be released on Dark Descent Records, and hopefully it will live up to its hype because this US spawn of evil has nothing to deliver but punishing tunes for our torture.




“Death Revenge” – Exhumed 

Let’s end this list with some death metal; namely, Exhumed. This San Jose five member gore-fest was spawned in 1990, and has been slaughtering innocents to this day with a relentless assault of death metal and grindcore. Focusing the most grotesque forms of sadistic perversions that involve gore, necrophilia and dismembering bodies, Exhumed is ready to deliver yet another record titled Death Revenge, and will be released via Relapse Records.

With their last album Necrocracy, I think it could be argued that it’s one of the best albums they’ve ever made. The whole record is just an onslaught of brutal deathgrind, but with fantastic riffs, great drums, and killer vocals, and the mixing and production was also spot on. Exhumed is ready to continue their journey of mass destruction on Friday the 13th, so you better run and hide motherfucker! Or, y’know, buy the album or something.



Alright folks that sums it up; I had to make two damn lists just to fit all of these incredible releases for this October, and that’s not even mentioning what we have in store for November! Be sure to follow the links provided and support all the bands mentioned, buy their shit, and stay brutal. This concludes the monthly roundup of upcoming releases for this month, hails!!!

I encourage everyone to support the music you love! Links below:

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