Upcoming Albums Update #3: October

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Here we are yet again with our monthly upcoming albums list, where I bring attention to some of the sickest, grittiest, and crushing releases of the month that you should be looking out for. This October, there is a multitude of metal records coming out, and in this list we will be exploring some more obscure bands that you may not of know of. Also, stay until the end where I’ll be revealing something awesome that I’ll be doing! So without further bullshit, let’s get on with the Upcoming Albums List #3 for the month of October!

“Conscious Darkness” – Blaze of Perdition 

Blaze of Perdition - Conscious DarknessLet’s kick this list off with Blaze of Perdition, a relentlessly dark and obscure black metal project from Poland. Poland is known for having some of the most incredible black metal bands in the world, like Mgla or Furia, and Blaze of Perdition fits in with them perfectly. These guys have been at it for a decade, evolving throughout the years and becoming more massive and expanding their musical capabilities to new heights.

After their beast of an album near Death Revelations from 2015, Blaze of Perdition return with another record October 2nd, titled Conscious Darkness. This record will be released via Agonia Records, and is sure to top anything they’ve ever done before. Do NOT miss out on this one!





“Maldediction” – Vassafor

Vassafor - MaledictionNew Zelands Vassafor is hard to describe in such a short paragraph…however there is no doubt that this black metal project had caused a great stir of admiration and praise among the community with their first album Obsidian Codex. A monolith of an record, it combines elements of black, death, and doom and completely decimates listeners for over 90 minutes; an endurance round of terrifying atmospheres with a brutal mirage of monstrous vocal delivery, loud distorted guitars, and a heartbeat that may stop yours! There are few projects in existence that match the musical capabilities of Vassafor; the only other that comes to mind would be Dødsengel.

Vassafor is unleashing a new incarnation of horror on October 13th via Debemur Morti Productions, titled Malediction. It will be significantly shorter than Obsidian Codex, so perhaps this album will be a lot more focused and tighter than the last, not focusing so much on expansive songwriting but really bringing out the more brutal aspects of the bands sound. If you’re looking for crushing black metal infused with other music styles, look no further than Vassafor.



“Phlegethon” – Devangelic

Image result for phlegethon devangelicYou may of caught a whiff of Devangelic three years ago when they released their savage debut album Resurrection Denied, or that Deprecating the Scriptures EP that followed the year after. These blasphemous brutal death metal maniacs from Italy have been strong with their themes of anti-Christianity; ridiculing the holy scriptures as well as Jesus Christ. Just one look at their artwork, lyrics, and over all presentation, and the message is clear: fuck God.

I like to think Devangelic has a lot in common with Hour of Penance: the grotesque imagery, anti-religious themes, both are Italian, and just the sheer visceral brutality of their music. The main difference is that Devangelic isn’t nearly as technical, and plays a lot more straightforward kind of brutal death metal. Tons of blast beats, insane riffage and brutal gutturals gives the listener the feeling that the music is going to jump out and fucking attack them! The new album, titled Phlegethon, will be Devangelic’s newest incarnation of doom and is set to be released October 27th via Comatose Music Records.



“We Owe You Nothing” – Forgotten Tomb

Forgotten Tomb - We Owe You NothingLet’s not forget this is October, and the cold depressing atmosphere is beginning to linger among many despairing souls. This would be a perfect time for Italy’s Forgotten Tomb to release a new album titled We Owe You Nothing. The record will be released October 27th on Agonia Records, a label they’ve been signed under for 6 years now.

The truth is, Forgotten Tomb often gets lumped into the DSBM category, and it’s understandable why. Their themes revolve around depression, self-destruction and nihilism, their artwork usually depicts something you would see on a DSBM release, and their early raw black metal sound is certainly depressing as hell. Currently however, Forgotten Tomb is working with new sounds and stylistically are evolving into something different. Their depressing themes are certainly present, but’s more how they deliver them. Their use of gothic and doom metal elements certainly gives their music a new tone and provides something fresh, and just as suffocating. I’d encourage any black metal fan to check out Forgotten Tomb, and give We Owe You Nothing a shot!



“Deus Salutis Meæ” – Blut Aus Nord

Blut aus Nord - Deus Salutis MeæThis is probably one of the biggest names on this list, and rightfully so. Blut Aus Nord is a french metal band that has been releasing consistently mind-blowing material since the mid-90’s. Although France is not exactly known for having a lot of extreme metal, I feel like this allows bands to be a lot more creative and stray away from trends. Blut Aus Nord is an anomaly, and I would hesitate to even call it music; what these guys create is pure art. They don’t really have a genre either, and any attempt of lumping these guys into a category is futile. I mean, their Metal Archives page lists them as an “Atmospheric Black Metal, Avant-garde/Black/Industrial Metal/Dark Ambient” band…what the fuck does that even mean? Blut Aus Nord exists as its own entity, exiting in its own world.

From the heart-wrenching melodies and incredible atmosphere that makes their craft artistic, beautiful, but also obscene and creepy, Blut Aus Nord is and was never afraid to experiment and try new things on each album. In their vast discography you will not find a single stinker, and their new album Deus Salutis Meæ will be nothing short of incredible. The record is set to be released October 28th via Debemur Morti Productions, and I’d highly encourage anyone to check out this band; it will change they way you view music forever.


“Doom Decimation” – Procession

Procession - Doom DecimationDoom metal is not usually a genre which I listen to too often, meaning that the doom metal bands I do end up enjoying are something truly special. Procession is a doom metal band that started out in Chile, but later ended up basing out of Sweden. With two records under their belt, it’s time for the doom metallers to release their third album Doom Decimation on October 31st via their current label Higher Roller Records.

What makes Procession so special is their approach to doom metal. A foreboding atmosphere, heavy and crushing riffs paired with melodically appealing clean vocals are not new concepts in the genre, but Procession does it in a way that makes you want to keep on listening. Each song on their previous album To Reap Heavens Apart just felt so overwhelmingly amazing that I was glued to the music for what seemed like hours. It’s a aura that’s mesmerizing, and I would highly recommend this to any fan of metal.




That concludes the monthly roundup of upcoming metal releases! Of course, there’s way more coming out in October, so for the first time I will be doing a part two for this month! These bands deserve all the support they can get, so I’d encourage you metal freaks to check out these records when they come out and buy them. Hails!

I encourage you to support the music you love! Links below:

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