“Moshburger” – Insanity Alert ALBUM REVIEW

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Insanity Alert is a crossover thrash band from Austria, and have been playing since their inception in 2011. They create fun, catchy and mosh-friendly songs that are so enjoyable probably Image result for beavis and butthead gifbecause of their simplicity, but at the same time contain enough variety to keep the listener entertained. It almost seems unfair to these guys to write about their music in any kind of serious tone and analyze their sound so in-depth, because what this kind of stuff needs is a Beavis and Butthead-style review. Sometimes music doesn’t have to be taken too seriously; it’s just meant to be fucking fun!

Image result for crossover thrash metalheadSo, crossover thrash. This was a genre coined by the band Dirty Rotten Imbeciles back in 1987 when they released their album Crossover, which was met with a lot of success and helped popularize the genre along with other bands like Stormtroopers of Death, Suicidal Tendencies, the Cro-Mags, among others. The difference between these guys and bands like Slayer or Testament was that they just didn’t take themselves that seriously. The themes in crossover are like a metalhead stereotype come to life: lots of parties, drinking beer, smoking weed, hooking up with babes, headbanging, moshing, causing fights, and hating authority, etc. It’s a genre that ignores what’s right and wrong, and just expresses freedom to do whatever you want. Today, bands like Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan are some of the leading forces in the crossover thrash movement, and Insanity Alert fits in perfectly with them.


Moshbruger is Insanity Alert’s second album, released September 23rd last year via This Charming Man Records. It could best be described as a dizzying, non-stop endurance round of thrash. It’s like being knocked around in a pit for ages (and believe us, we know what that feels like) and leaving with a headache, a broken tooth, and shit-faced grin. It managed to be a huge step-up from their last album, which didn’t have that much variety between songs. Moshburger keeps things fun and interesting as each song delivers an onslaught of headbanging and sickness.

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Insanity Alert being themselves

Image result for moshburgerTheir self-titled debut kind of just sounded like Municipal Waste worship, with nothing really new thrown in, and Moshburger seems to be an album that finally embraces what Insanity Alert is as a band; something that they can call their own and not just a direct copy. Each song varies in length but typically they’re about a minute and a half, totaling to a 26 minute thrash experience. This may seem like it’s short, however this is very typical for the genre and actually comes out nice in the overall performance.

There really aren’t any songs that stand out more than others, since the whole record blends in together and just feels like one song. If you’re into a lot variety and each song sounding different than this album isn’t for you. This is more of a record you’d play when you’re just pissed off and and wanna get crazy; it manages to be really entertaining and fun despite the lack to differences between tracks. The riffs are really catchy and have a great groove in them, the crossover feel is there as songs switch between thrash and hardcore punk many times in the same track, and the shouted raspy vocals complement the gritty style of the record.

Insanity Alter’s Moshburger is a must-listen for any fan of crossover thrash or just thrash in general, and even if you’re not we’d still recommend it just to have a fun time. Great record to fuck out to, 7.5/10. Keep it up guys!

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