“II – Frozen Light of Eternal Darkness” – Battle Dagorath NEW ALBUM

Image result for battle dagorath IIWell, the summer break is over, and it’s time to prepare for a cold harsh winter, and that means all the more black metal for us! Atmospheric black metal legends Battle Dagorath have announced a new record is coming out September 15th via Avantgarde Music, called II – Frozen Light of Eternal Darkness.

This will be Battle Dagorath’s now 5th record, and will be a continuation of their previous album  I – Dark Dragons of the Cosmos. After reaching critical acclaim with their abrasive, cold, and colossal sound, these guys are coming out with what seems to be a concept in their albums; some kind of story is unfolding here. This suites Battle Dagorath well since these guys know how to write music the same way J.R.R. Tolkein writes stories (probably because the music is based off LOTR…but whatever you get the point). There’s a lot in common with Mare Cognitum here; expansive song-writing, long and melancholic riffs that put listeners in a trance, and tempo’s that change from pounding, aggressive rhythms to smooth one’s. The music feels adventurous, but also massive, as if we were standing in front a huge mountain and are about to climb it. The only difference is that Battle Dagorath has a lot more of a punishing sound than Mare Cognitum.

There’s a lot to love, and nothing to hate; Battle Dagorath never disappoints and surely they aren’t going to start now. Check out the new track of their album titled “Death ov Aeons”, and support these guys!

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