“Eternal Damnation of Christ” – Archgoat NEW EP REVEAL

Archgoat - Eternal Damnation of ChristProlific blasphemous satanic black and death metal necromancers Archgoat have announced that they will be releasing a new EP September 29th this year. The EP will be called Eternal Damnation of Christ and will be released via Debemur Morti Productions. The EP is to serve as a small taste of what can be expected on their highly anticipated full-length record for 2018.

Archgoat is pretty infamous in the scene for creating some of the most devastating extreme metal out there. We went from flirting with satanism and blasphemy in early Black Sabbath releases, to straight out worship by bands like Venom, then to the creation of extreme satanic metal acts like Deicide and Darkthrone, to this. The images, lyrics, and overall presentation of Archgoat is sure to make any religious person to piss themselves, with their out-right offensive cover art and satanic themes. These guys really don’t fuck around, and that’s not even talking about their sound.

Archgoat makes a punishing combo of black and death metal, which on paper probably sounds fucking insane. This isn’t one of those blends that alternates between the two as if the band doesn’t know what they want, nor is this war metal, a “genre” popularized by bands like Blasphemy and Revenge. Archgoat has their own unique sound that desecrates graves and summons demons the moment it’s put on. Gritty production, pounding blast beats combined with bestial vocals create for an intense musical experience.

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After their critically-acclaimed album The Apocalyptic Triumphator released in 2015, Archgoat put forth a split with Satanic Warmaster and kind of stayed silent for a little. Now they bring us yet another incantation of death and sodomy, giving metalheads another reason to love 2017. Our greatest hails go to the sadistic blasphemers Archgoat!

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