Upcoming Releases Update #2

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Welcome metalheads! We are beyond exited to announce to you some of newest and most crushing extreme metal releases that are upon arrival this month. This list will be a bit longer than the previous, simply because there’s so much to get through. August alone seems to have plenty in store for us, and there’s tons and tons to be exited about. So without any further bullshit, we’re here to give you the top eight metal releases coming out August of 2017. Hails!

1. “Land of Weeping Souls” – Paganizer

Paganizer - Land of Weeping SoulsYou probably know by now that we’re huge fans of old-school death metal, and Paganizer is one of the purest in its vein. They aren’t necessarily part of the “new age” of OSDM that’s been spreading across the death metal scene, but rather this is a band that makes death metal the way they think it should sound; raw, gritty and old-school. Paganizer has been at it 1998, and shows no signs of stopping. Their newest record, Land of Weeping Souls, was released August 1st via Transcending Obscurity Records, and might be their must crushing record yet.

Land of Weeping Souls isn’t super original, so if you’re expecting something abstract and different, you won’t find it here. No, this album is for those metalheads that wouldn’t mind destroying their entire house from the sheer headbanging and chaos coming out of the speakers. It seriously has so much groove, such a great guitar tone, putrid vocals and an overall composition that flows very nicely together that we would consider it to be sin not to check out this album. Definitely something to look out for.


2. “Avé ” – Venom Inc.

Venom Inc. - AvéVenom is still at it and has been since the 80’s, and these guys need no introduction; everybody knows the impact that Venom’s music has had on so many black metal bands, and how it has largely contributed to the scene overall. For some strange reason, they decided to reform in 2015 under a slightly different name, Venom Inc., with the original line-up of their 6th album Prime Evil with Demolition Man on vocals and bass, Mantas on lead guitar, and Abbadon on drums. Venom Inc. is releasing their “debut” Avé on August 11th through Nuclear Blast Records.

This whole name change is strange and raises questions as to whether the band is sticking with Venom Inc. and will now be releasing under that name, or if the Venom with Cronos, Rage, and Dante will co-exist with Venom Inc. and still release material under the original name as well. In that case, what’s the difference between the two bands other than the line-up? That’s the real question here, and the main reason of how this will compare to other Venom releases. We’re here to listen to some good music, and hopefully Venom Inc. will deliver.


3. “Dear Desolation” – Thy Art is Murder

Thy Art Is Murder - Dear DesolationYou’ve probably seen this on about every deathcore related social media in existence, but in case you’re a hermit living in a mountain and this is your first time on the Internet (thanks for choosing Angelus Mortem, man), Thy Art is Murder has conceived and will be releasing a new album on August 18th via Nuclear Blast Records, titled Dear Desolation. This is their 4th studio album, and it honestly feels like their 10th. Thy Art Is Murder has reached such legendary status in deathcore in less than a decade that it’s truly remarkable, and puts them right next to bands like Whitechapel or Chelsea Grin in terms of popularity in the scene.

After reaching tons of success with their albums Hate and Holy War, Thy Art is Murder finally gives fans some new material. It wasn’t easy for them as vocalist CJ McMahon had been going through some troubles with his family and mental health, and had to leave the band for a period of time to regroup. Then, out of nowhere, it was announced that not only is CJ back in the band, but that they are currently in the process of making a new record, and judging by the two singles released so far, “Son of Misery” and “Slaves Beyond Death”, this album will be an absolute monolith and is something you cannot miss.

4. “Evocation II: Pantheon” – Eluvitie

Eluveitie - Evocation II: PantheonEluviete is a pretty well-known folk/melodic death metal band from Switzerland, and although they don’t have tons of material out they’ve managed to be a pretty prominent band, and probably one of Nuclear Blast’s proudest projects under their roster. They recently announced the release of a new album titled Evocation II: Pantheon, which is set to be released August 18th via Nuclear Blast Records.

After their last record Origins, as well as their masterpiece of a debut Spirit, we were pretty exited to see that a new Eluvitie album is coming out. They managed to combine acoustic folk music as well as regular folk with death metal pretty well, and their music always feels energetic, melodic, and uplifting. It just gives off this adrenaline rush that just takes you on a journey through the pagan lands.

This being their seventh record, we’re expecting it to be just as good as the rest. Evocation II: Pantheon will be a  continuation of an album they released back in 2009, Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion, which was an all acoustic album and was said to be the first of a two album concept. Part two will be all folky and acoustic as well, Eluvitie will undoubtedly deliver some awesome tunes.

5. “Hell” – Hell

Hell - HellLet’s get underground. Have you ever wondered what being in hell sounds like, what you might hear and experience while being surrounded in an abyss full of terror and misery? A musician under the moniker M.S.W. decided to visit the devil and express his discoveries in the form of a drone/doom metal project simply called Hell. He’s been releasing music since 2009 and released three self-titled albums, all of which are equally menacing. Hell came out with a new self-titled record August 11th, co-released through Sentient Ruin Laboratories and LowerYourHead.

Hell creates an atmosphere that is captivating and pulls the listener right in. This kind of music isn’t really something you’d play in the background or just jam out to, it’s meant to be experienced through headphones, eyes closed, and maybe under the influence of psychedelics if you want to see Satan himself. No but all jokes aside, there are few projects that match Hell’s sound, and you really feel scared as the walls of hell sprout fire and demons gaze upon you whilst passing them by. It feels personal, as if the music is supposed to take you to a dark place you wouldn’t want to go to and now you’re stuck there, alone, cold, and beyond scared. A must-listen for any lover of drone/doom, or atmospheric metal in general.

6. “Of Erthe and Axen Act I” – Xanthochroid

Xanthochroid - Of Erthe and Axen Act IBlack metal has evolved way beyond the point of the early Norwegian scene, and musicians are taking the sound and combining it with various other musical elements to create something fresh and interesting (or at least they try). Xanthocroid is one of those bands, and their project is seriously beyond anything. They’re set to release their second album Of Erthe and Axen Act I on August 22nd through their own independent label Erthe and Axen Records.

Xanthocroid is an incredible melodic black metal band from the US that probably has one of the coolest concepts ever: the lyrics and music are written as a story, and the whole thing is based from self-created lore by the band. After releasing their debut Blessed He With Boils in 2012, listeners were introduced to a fantastical tail about a hero who must overcome various adventures and hardships on his journey of self-discovery. The music was so epic it seriously blew people way, with the technical and progressive elements being executed perfectly to fit the story. The best way to describe Xanthocroid’s sound would be like this: if a book could be read through the medium of a metal band, that’s Xanthocroid.

7. “The Mortal Horizon” – Desecresy

Desecresy - The Mortal HorizonHere’s a death metal band with a very different approach to their craft. Desecresy is Finnish death metal band that’s been releasing albums about every two years since 2010. Their fifth album titled The Mortal Horizon has been unleashed on August 12th via Xtreem Music.

Desecresy has a sound that’s pretty intricate. Muddy guitars play crushing and foreboding riffs while the drums pound away, doom/death metal style, and then they’ll often switch into a slightly melodic interlude that makes whatever coming next sound all the more eerie. Then that melodic rhythm section is repeated as the band moves into the next riff. They’re all about atmosphere, and the whole thing gives off an ominous and creepy tone. These guys are onto something really interesting, and each record they’ve put out has been nothing short of perfect. For the first time ever, Desercesy is now a one-man project commanded by Tommy Grönqvist, who’s also known for his involvement with Slugathor. You want to hear death metal like you’ve never heard it before, give these guys a chance.


8. “Somewhere Sadness Wanders / Schnee (IV)” – Drudkh / Paysage D’Hiver

Drudkh / Paysage d'Hiver - Десь блукає журба (Somewhere Sadness Wanders) / Schnee (IV)And to end this list we have split between two incredible black metal projects, Drudkh and Paysage D’Hiver. The split is called Somewhere Sadness Wanders / Schnee (IV), and will be out August 25th through Seasons of Mist. This is the third time Paysage D’Hiver is doing a split and the fourth for Drudkh, and so far these projects have had great taste when it comes to choosing which artists they want to collaborate with, so this should be an incredible release.

Run by Wintherr since 1997, Paysage D’Hiver is a ambient black metal project from Switzerland. All of the material is released as demo’s and so far he’s released ten over the course of 15 years. The whole point of Paysage D’Hiver is to immerse the listener into an atmosphere of a dark, cold, harsh winter. Oftentimes the songs are extensive and pass the 20 minute mark, creating a long and beautiful musical experience, and the raw production and nature samples make the listener feel like they’re really there. “Schnee (IV)” will be the only song on the split, and it’ll probably be just as long as the rest of their songs.

Drudkh is a four piece atmospheric black metal band from Ukraine, and have been around since 2002. With ten albums under their belt, as well as a few splits, EP’s and other material, these guys are no stranger in their craft. Drudkh creates melancholic atmospheric black metal that touches your soul, and whisks you away on a journey to forgotten landscapes and unexplored places in your mind. Some of their most notable records include Autmn Aurora (our personal favorite), and Blood In Our Whells. The fact that they decided to team up with Paysage D’Hiver is awesome, as we don’t doubt both bands will influence one another in the split and create something truly special.


And there you have it, eight incredible metal releases to look out for. This is only for August alone; September and October have a plethora of great artists coming out with new stuff as well, such as Usnea, Ensiferum, Dyscarnate, Wolves In The Throne Room, The Black Dahlia Murder, Belphegor, Bell Witch and Ne Obliviscaris, just to name a few. Honestly it’s great that this year has been so good for metalheads, and that we’re getting new creative music that keeps contributing to the on-growing evolution of heavy metal.

Please support these artists, the labels, and everyone involved. It’s only through the fans that these guys even stand a chance, so if you like a band, open up those wallets and show ’em your support! Links below:

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