“Deep Calleth upon Deep” – Satyricon NEW ALBUM

Image result for deep calleth upon deep2017 has been such a good year for metal; so many bands are releasing new material and most of them haven’t been disappointments. Rather contrary, many artists have but out the best material that they have managed to pull off in years (see Dying Fetus and Origin). Black metal legends Satyricon recently announced the release of a new album, titled Deep Calleth upon Deep, which is said to be released September 22 via Napalm Records.

It’s been four years since Satyricon had released an album, and although their previous work Satyricon was not regarded as the best in their discography ,it was still a pretty good album overall. The band is trying embrace a new sound, and sometimes the transition can be a little awkward. Luckily, they’ve had plenty of time to tweak it out and and create a good album that sounds a little different than the rest.

Image result for deep calleth upon deep
Satyr and Frost of Satyricon

From what we can tell in the footage below, the new Satyricon sound borrows from various genres of metal, incorporating your typical black metal sound but with more of an abrasive and atmospheric tone that is created through the integration of post-rock, shoegaze, and some doom metal even, but done in a way that’s very…out-there. Black metal today is a lot different from the Norwegian scene in the 90’s. The genre has been combined with just about any other metal and non-metal genre there is, and Satyricon is not only self-aware of this, but want to contribute to this evolution somehow. It kept the heavy subject matter and extremism, and focused the same imagery and style on interpersonal, abstract conflicts as much as it has with Satan and death.

Sure it isn’t the old Satyricon, but is that really what some people want? A band with amazing musical capabilities to be doing the same thing over and over? We love Satyricon and would never want to see them get stale or boring, and hopefully you don’t either.

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