“Nightbringers” – The Black Dhalia Murder NEW ALBUM ANNOUNCED

The Black Dahlia Murder - Photo

Image may contain: textWe are more than exited to report that The Black Dahlia Murder has just announced the release of a new album this year! It’s called Nightbringers and will be released October 1st via Metal Blade Records. This makes it their 8th studio album, an impressive feat for any band, and fans can’t wait for the record to drop.

The Black Dahlia Murder’s last album Abysmal was met with much praise and admiration, and for good reasons. It was melodic, technical, and had a very catchy groove all the way through. The vocals, guitar playing, drums and bass were all spot on, and we would even suggest it to be their best album so far. It had a lot of variety, and each song offered something different and exiting. Abysmal was so good in fact that many started to worry how they could ever top that, and I guess we’ll have to find out!

As some of you also may know, vocalist Trevor Strnad also writes reviews and makes lists about various underground metal albums and bands on Metal Injection. He expresses a very clear support for a lot of brutal death metal and slam bands, which is awesome. Since he is so invested in discovering these artists it would not be surprise if there would slam influence in The Black Dahlia Murder’s music. We’re not suggesting they’ll go full on slam, however there is a chance that this album may a little different, however seeing how well this band has done in their career we shouldn’t be worried about anything going wrong; these guys don’t know how to make bad music!


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