“Totenritual” – Belphegor NEW ALBUM

Belphegor - TotenritualWell, one of the sickest, most satanic and brutal bands is about to unleash their 11th full-length album to reign above the weak souls that inhabit this planet, and we are beyond exited to announce the album Totenritual will be put out on September 15th this year via Nuclear Blast Records. The band we are referring to of course is Belphegor, an Austrian blackened death metal project that has been reaping souls since the early 90’s, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

We’re huge fans of their music, and without a doubt Belphegor  knows how to combine a raw and sinister black metal sound with some great death metal riffs and grooves. The combination makes for a great listen, and there seriously isn’t anything from their discography that sounds bad. Whether you prefer earlier material on albums like The Last Supper or Bluttsabbath that are a lot more raw and primitive, or maybe you prefer a slightly better production and more death metal focused Belphegor like on Black Magick Necromance or Conjuring the Dead, there isn’t a stinker to be found in their insane lineup of music.

They recently released a music video for one of the songs on the record, titled “Baphomet”. Judging purely off of this song, it would be safe to say that Belphegor is starting to return to their roots. These guys have been focusing a lot more on a death metal sound in their recent years while still maintaining their black metal image, aesthetic and themes. “Baphomet” has a black metal undertone with death metal riffs layered on top, and it blends together into a concoction of satan, death and violence. It’s a really great song, and a fantastic teaser for the new record. Keep an eye out for this one!

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