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This time, we wanted to try something a little different. We all know that supporting artists by buying their music, merchandise and going to their shows is essential for their success. But some don’t think as much as they should about the labels themselves that put out the music from these bands. Of course a band does not need to be signed in order to create great music (see Phidion), however it definitely helps in terms of quality, distribution, and legitimacy.

We would like to introduce to you a label that is fairly fresh and trying to make a name for itself, and is dedicated to spreading old-school death metal. Hailing from Germany and run by the one and only Konrad Martin, we would like to introduce you to Neckbreaker Records! Since 2016, Neckbreaker has released a fair share of great albums via their Big Cartel page, as well as distributed albums from all sorts of bands such as  Ashcloud, Brutal Rebirth, Church of Disgust, Hirax, Usurpress, Sacramental Blood and Ogotay.

However when it comes to original releases from Neckbreaker, there’s no denial that Konrad has great taste, and is on a mission of giving some obscure and otherwise probably undiscovered death metal gems as much exposure as possible. So here, we will be counting down some of the best releases Neckbreaker has brought to us. Get ready to headbang and bust out your wallets, and let’s get into this list!


1. “The Truth Beneath” – Star of Madness

Image result for star of madness the truth beneathSeeing as their album was released back in January 29th this year on their Bandcamp page, it was pretty clear that Star of Madness didn’t have much exposure. These death metallers from Germany are fairly new, and only have one full-length album under their belt, titled The Truth Beneath. We’re eternally grateful to Konrad for bringing this album to our attention, because it’s some of the best old-school death metal we’ve heard in a long time! Great riffs, incredible groove, suffocating vocals and a pretty good production that’s pummeling while not taking away from the raw atmosphere are all things that make this album great.

Songs such as “Yule Horror” and “Star of Madness” display some very good melodic segments as well, as proves that these guys really know what they’re doing. Each song averages around 5 minutes in length, and is structured in a way that keeps the listener captivated throughout the songs entirety. This is seriously some really solid stuff, and we would encourage any fan of death metal to check of Star of Madness!


Image result for demored2. “Absolution Through Dissolution” – Demored 

This EP was unleashed by German death metal band Demored, who have been active since 2012 and so far released two EP’s: one titled Slaughtering the Son of God back in 2014, and Absolution Through Dissolution, which was released in October 2016. This was one of Neckbreakers first releases, and it was one hell of one to start out with.

The best way to describe Demored would be filthy; these guys have a way of combing old-school death metal and some thrash metal, along with a gritty production, wretched vocals and ass kicking riffs to create a monolith of filth straight from hell. Demored definitely deserve a much larger fan base, and it is an honor to be able to buy their music because of Neckbreaker Records.



3. “Obliteration of the Self” – Inert 

Image result for inert obliteration of the selfProbably one of our favorite releases from Neckbreaker Records, Inert has been delivering sickness ever since  2016 when they released their first EP Obliteration of the Self. If you would like to truly understand how incredible this EP is you can check out our review of it here, but to sum it up Inert is a project created by Xavi Aguilar and Gustavo Garcia , and is based out of both Sweden and Spain.

Inert attacks listeners with a hurricane of brutal drumming, buzzsaw guitar and vocals ranging from filthy lows to abrasive high’s. Inert has really great groove, and there’s some great solo’s thrown in songs like “Son of Certain Death”, and we can really say with confidence that Inert has tons of potential for the future. Seeing as it’s members have been in gothic projects prior to Inert, this seems like them trying something different. They pulled it off so well that Obliteration of the Self sounds like a release from a band that has been playing and releasing material for much longer than they really have. A very mature release and a great band, seriously!


4. “Veil of Oblivion” – Aeon of Disease

Image result for aeon of diseaseEver heard of Aeon of Disease? Probably not, as they never released anything but a demo back in 2016. When an album was released on Neckbreaker, we bought this blindly expecting it to be some standard old-school death metal, but the sound that came out of the speakers was completely not what we expected.

Aeon of Disease is INCREDIBLE, and our necks broke listening to their debut Veil of Oblivion. Aeon of Disease has a great sound, and combine melodic death metal into their mix. On songs like “Merciless Northern Chapter” and “Mercenaries of the Ancient Ones”, you can clearly hear an Amon Amarth influence. Although they are two completely different bands, AOD borrows some of the melodic grooves from bands like Amon Amarth and Hypocrisy, then combines it with an old-school death metal vibe, and the result is a non-stop compilation of sickness that will leave you dead by the time you finish the record.

This album is seriously so good, and if you’re going to check out anything from Neckbreaker, at least give this a try. You won’t regret it!


5. “Deathbringer” – Chasing Death 

Image result for chasing death deathbringer

We know as much about this German death metal band as you do, however this is going to be the newest Neckbreaker Records release that will be unleashed very soon. Judging from their Soundcloud, this EP shouldn’t be anything less than perfect, as Chasing Death brings listeners to the darkest, most obscure pits of horror with their music, as it is very grim, crushing and disgusting.

Stay tuned on Neckbreaker for more announcements on Chasing Death!

The idea for Neckbreaker Records started 3 years ago when Konrad had first time seen Magnus, the singer for Demored, at Protzen Open Air 2015.They talking about death metal for hours, and every time Konrad saw them live they just blew him away. One day he was chatting up Magnus again, who told him that the EP “Absolution through Dissolution” is mixed and ready, they just don’t have a label to release it on. So, Konrad decided to just create a label and call it Neckbreaker Records so that Demored could release their EP on it. Pretty sweet! Neckbreaker Records was officially founded at the same day 4.7. 2016.

It’s also worth mentioning that some merchandise from these bands is available via other labels! The Demored EP was co-released with Raw Skullz Recordz, and you can pick a sick Inert long-sleeve on Caco-Daemon Records as well! Links below.

Angelus Mortem would like to thank Neckbreaker, as well as labels like Raw Skullz Records, Vic Records, F.D.A. Records and others that constantly update us metalheads with the sickness of old-school death metal and keeping the scene alive. Hails to you all!

We encourage everyone to support to music they love! Links provided below:

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Caco-Daemon Records

Star of Madness Bandcamp and Facebook 
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Inert Bandcamp, Facebook, and YouTube 
Aeon of Disease Facebook, YouTube, and Homepage 
Chasing Death Facebook and Soundcloud