“Parallel Shift” – Rings of Saturn NEW TRACK


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California based aliencore legends Rings of Saturn have revealed the second track off of their upcoming fourth record Ultu Ullatitled “Parallel Shift”. The album will be released on July 28th, for the first time via Nuclear Blast Records. Many fans have exclaimed loads of excitement since the album has been announced, and are eager to hear it in its entirety.

Now, when you here Rings of Saturn, you probably have a picture in your head that consists of aliens flying around in spaceships, explosions everywhere, and a lot of very technical guitar tapping and insane drumming featuring a nice selection (or a Natural Selection? Haha) of guttural lows and wretched high’s. Rings of Saturn has always put images like that in listeners heads and always displayed the same style of musicianship throughout their discography. Their style is definitely unique, and is the main contributor to their relevance in the metal scene. The progression of their sound, if anything, has been in improving their production and adding in more synth and ambient sounds in between song segments.

Parallel Shift, as well as the first single they released before this titled “Inadequate”, follows the standard Rings of Saturn formula. For me, the production sounds slightly muffled, as if they wanted to create slightly less clean sound than what we heard on Lugal Ki En. The song is good, but truthfully it would be nice to hear something new. Let’s hope the full-length album will be a nice surprise!

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