“Bathos” – Aborted NEW EP

Image result for bathos abortedBelgium death metalers Aborted return this year with yet another release, an EP titled Bathos! The EP features two songs: “Bathos” and “Fallacious Crescendo”, and will be released on 7” vinyl through Century Media Records on June 30th.

Now, ever since 2008 Aborted has been following a pattern of releasing a full-length, and then an EP afterwards, and then a full-length, and so on. This is strange, however probably a conscious decision. My theory is that each EP serves as a teaser of the album that comes after it, and so far this formula has been working fairly well. If my theory is correct, and based off the song “Fallacious Crescendo”, I think fans will be in for an epic album soon after!!!

Aborted brings nothing but complete brutality paired with incredibly technical ability and great song structure. They’re also a very active band, providing listeners with release after release. They’re just fucking unstoppable!



Check out their new song, and be sure to support Aborted and Century Media Records! Links down below:

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