“Dante’s Inferno” – Septic Flesh NEW TRACK/ALBUM REVEAL

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In this years crazy line up of awesome heavy metal and rock releases, we have yet another that is surely going to make fans like myself squeal with brutality.

Septicflesh - Codex OmegaGreek band Septic Flesh has announced that they will be releasing a new album as of September 1st of this year through their current label Season of Mist, called Codex Omega. In light of this, they have released a new track titled “Dante’s Inferno”, which I will share below.

Following their 2014 album Titan, Septic Flesh is continuing on making very hard-hitting and brutal sounding death metal, combined with an excellent use of orchestral elements and a very ominous atmosphere. Since the early 90’s, these guys have been releasing nothing short of incredible material, and it seems based on this new track that they will be progressing with their sound even further. The production has gotten a nice upgrade, and when it is matched with some of heaviest tracks you might hear on Communion or Titan, and you’ve got yourself a really good album.Grant it I haven’t heard the damn thing, but I once again I’m being very positive about this announcement and cannot wait for the new Septic Flesh!

I encourage that you please support Septic Flesh and Season of Mist Records while you wait! 

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