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If I’m going to be honest here, I’m not a huge fan of goregrind. A lot of the artists and bands in the genre don’t have very good production, mixing, and overall good content in their music. Every genre of music has a formula you can follow, and create a very dry, bland and predictable project that you can then label as “goregrind”. Of course this isn’t ALL bands, but while searching for some awesome underground goregrind I became rather discouraged.

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138 Minutes of Body Disposal

But of course a few bands did manage to impress me. The goregrind I usually enjoy is more well-known (as well-known as a goregrind band can be, anyway); music from the likes of Dead Infection, Last Days of Humanity or Lymphatic Phlegm. These bands exemplify exactly what the genre should should be: a relentless barrage of noise and chaos, putrid and sometimes extremely terrifying low gutturals, lots of blast beats, a punishing kick, and done in a way that’s memorable. These bands have enough variety and technical diversity that you could always go back to their music and enjoy it.

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From the left: Oltheros, George Epitropou, Nick Ntamplias

Blasted Pancreas is one of them, and could of been one of those bands that immediately pops into your head when you hear “goregrind”, if only they stuck around. With only one full-length album under their belt as well as a demo, their short-lived musical career sadly didn’t reach that many people. Their debut Carcinoma is not worth forgetting, and I’d like to expose you to this unique little gem.

Hailing from Greece, Blasted Pancreas started as a project founded by members Oltheros, Nick Ntamplias, and George Epitropou. Oltheros and Ntamplias were already involved in other projects (see Dark Messiah and Blustery Caveat), however BP seemed to be their first attempt at playing with a goregrind sound. As far as I could tell, it’s unknown as to when the band initially formed. They have since disbanded after Oltheros’ death in 2012, RIP.

Carcinoma, released in 2011 through No Label Records, features everything you would want from a pathological goregrind album and a nice twist to it. The music actually has a very foreboding atmosphere to it, and sounds quite sinister. The guitar riffs are very dissonant, the vocals sound wretched and painful, and overall this feels like much more than just a traditional goregrind album. I can see that Blasted Pancreas took a lot of inspiration from outfits like Lymphatic Phlegm, which also give off the same kind of dissonant and tortured vibe, and even cover their song “Resection of Upper Gastrointestinal Malignancy” as closer to the album.

Now the best way I could describe Blasted Pancreas’s atmosphere is like this: most goregrind bands sound like the soundtrack to what a person would be feeling while taking part in killing people and severing limbs or extracting organs, etc., but BP sounds like the thoughts of bystander being forced to watch the gore before their eyes. You can feel the pain through the music: it’s horrific and disgusting, violent, and visceral, and I can almost imagine a dude tied to a chair and being forced to look at some sick fucks do horrific things to human bodies and make them watch.

Lyrically, there isn’t anything that the goregrind genre hasn’t seen before, however I strangely find them quite funny. The lyrics literally describe medical procedures and various diseases, like on the songs “Cystic Fibrosis” and “Lymphangiosarcoma”. The band took a medical book and just used the definitions of some medical conditions as lyrics, such as descriptions of certain kinds of tumors.

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A lot of people say that you can’t learn anything from heavy metal, and that it’ll turn your brain into mush. Well, if you want to work in the medical field, pick up a copy of Carcinoma and study those lyrics! Hell, bring it with you to school on the day of a test as a cheat sheet! You can thank me and Blasted Pancreas later!

There is only one song that stands out, titled “I Am Sick Of You All”, which only features the line This track is dedicated to all those who waste their lives in luxury. Eerie and strange, and I’m sure the band intended it to come off like that. Other than that, there isn’t much else to say about Carcinoma. It’s a shame that these guys broke up, because I would expect their sound to evolve some more, and maybe we could see them do a few splits with some other bands. I believe that Blasted Pancreas did have that potential, but I guess Oltheros’s death just made any continuance of the project impossible. Nonetheless, BP still deserve support from anyone who can appreciate their music.

Overall, Carcinoma is pretty decent album. Nothing was done over the top, and I wasn’t thoroughly impressed, but I would give this a shot if you’re looking for good underground goregrind. 7/10

I encourage everyone to support the music they love!!!

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