“Perverse Party Planner” – Party Cannon NEW ALBUM REVEAL

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I was afraid this one might go under the radar, so if you’re a slamming brutal death metal fan you cannot miss this.

Party Cannon has announced that will release a new EP in July on their current label Gorehouse Productions. This EP will feature five crushing tracks and just be an overall filthy slam-fest, and so far Party Cannon has not disappointed.

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Party Cannon

Bassist Chris Ryan states: “Perverse Party Platter” is everything we enjoy about Party Slam taken way too far – massive slams, riffs with too many notes, ultra-guttural vocals, raw production and terrible film samples.”

“Bong Hit Hospitalization” – Party Cannon

The band won’t be taking any new steps, as Chris Ryan further stated they want to keep the Party Slam sound pure and focus more on quality than on quantity. In this case, I am glad Party Cannon is taking a mature approach to um…the process of creation of their music?

I am hoping that with this mentality their next album will be very focused and more technical, delivering perhaps not something completely new, however a release that is very well-crafted and fun. Party Cannon has very interesting approach to their music: despite discussing topics such as corporate control, war operations, and the decay of earth, their sound is filled with silly humor and gags. The film samples complement the ridiculously over-the-top gutturals and crushing riffs in a way that only Party Cannon does. It’s disgusting in every way, and I fucking love it!

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