RIP William Tolley of Internal Bleeding and Martin Funderud of Kraanium

Sudden deaths are always tragic, and over this past weekend we were forced to say goodbye to two significant figures in the metal scene due to unforeseen, fatal accidents.

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Willam Tolley

William Tolley, drummer of brutal death metal act Internal Bleeding, was in his personal life a part of the FDNY. He fell off of a two-story building while responding to a fire at an apartment building in Queens. It’s been reported that while trying to get out of the apartment he missed the bucket from the fire truck and tumbled down to his death. He was transported to the hospital however could not be saved, and was declared dead April 20, 2017.

His friends, family, the FDNY, his bandmates, and fans are all in a state of shock and despair. It’s different when somebody dies of old age or of disease; it is more predictable and one can prepare for it better. A sudden death is what truly causes that sudden shock and feeling of absolute sorrow and grief in people’s hearts.


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Internal Bleeding

Despite the tragedy, Internal Bleeding still intends on kicking ass. They recently released a new song titled “Final Justice” which will be featured on their upcoming album “Corrupting Influence”. I would expect them to go on a tour for the album in honor of their lost brother, one which I will try to attend. Losing a band member so suddenly is obviously a crushing blow for the rest of the band, and it’s good to see that that they want to honor Tolley by continuing the project.



William will always be missed for his great attitude, friendliness, talent, and overall ability to make others happy with his words and music. He was an honorable man who gave his life to protect others, a great drummer and an amazing person…rest in power William Tolley, 1974-2017.


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Martin Funderud

Furthermore, this one hurt even more personally because I’m a big fan of these guys and their music. Vocalist of brutal death metal act Kraanium, Martin Funderud, has also been reported dead according to the bands Facebook on April 21, 2017.

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Kraanium’s fourth album “Chronicles of Perversion”

The cause of death is suicide, however the reason as to why has yet to be revealed. This is tragic for the slam community as Kraanium is one of the leading bands in the genre, however world-wide they have a large following of fans who enjoy the sheer visceral brutality they put out in their music. It’s awful to see their vocalist pass away, and I offer my deepest condolences to Martins family, friends, and metal fans across the world.

Kraanium had most recently released their fourth album “Chronicles of Perversion” on Comatose Music, and are scheduled to released a split with Analepsy soon this year. The band has not yet made any statements with the state of the project, and I really hope Martins death will not mean the end of Kraanium.

When looking at Martins dedication to his art, the amount of projects he was involved in, and the contribution he had made to the slam scene, nothing but despair can be felt from the news of his passing. Kraanium was one of the first bands I discovered when I was trying to get into slam, and their crushing style had me headbanging so hard my neck almost broke. I feel very sad about Martins death and hope that Kraanium honor their brother by continuing on the project…rest in power Martin, 1978-2017.


As far as we know, Internal bleeding will chug on and release their full-length later this year. Kraanium hasn’t made any statements specifically, however they are expressing deep sorrow for Martins passing. May these two be remembered for ever for what they have accomplished for the people around them.

Please support Internal Bleeding, Kraanium and their labels! Hails!!!

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