“Your Last Breaths” by Suffocation NEW TRACK 2017

Here it is, the first song off of the upcoming Suffocation album “…Of the Dark Light”.

Now, here on Angelus Mortem, there isn’t much sugar-coating, and I’ll put it bluntly: I’m scared for this new album. I really enjoyed Suffocations 2013 album “Pinnacle of Bedlam”, however if this track is meant to foreshadow what is coming next, then I’m worried.

It’s not horrible, but everyone is aware of what this band is capable of! It’s as if they tried to make another Pinnacle of Bedlam, but took away the great production, technical and progressive riffs, and replaced it with clunky, unorganized “groovy” death metal which sounds…well, it sounds boring.

Nonetheless, I encourage people to make their own judgement and not just follow a sheep mentality, so here’s the track. Support Suffocation, and support the music you love!


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