Being a metalhead can be a chore, especially when you are trying to keep up with your favorite bands, what they are releasing, as well as discovering new music to listen to. It’s not easy; once you dive head first into the deep pit of the underground you suddenly realize you’ve become swarmed with so many bands to listen to! Of course it isn’t impossible to just binge on band after band, album after album, and buy Cd’s, vinyl and tapes every week until you send yourself into bankruptcy. Sounds like a good time, however I personally believe there is a lot more to heavy metal (or music in general) than just listening to it.

There is, of course, the individual listening experience, however heavy metal provides much more than that. It’s such an obscure and free world of music that the fans that are drawn to it don’t exactly
pop up in large quantities. Sure you have more accessible bands like let’s say Metallica, but there is a whole realm of underground metal with so many different sounds and creative outputs that it’s easy to get completely submersed into it if you are looking for something fresh and different. There is so much to discover, and media outlets like Angelus Mortem will provide suggestions that will help diversify your music to its most extreme  forms.

But listening is not even half of what the metal community has to offer. The fans are like a battalion of unruly motherfuckers ready to stomp their feet and shove each other at shows, as well as get exited when they discover people who enjoy their music. Metal fans are eager to suggest new music to others, perhaps to look like a bigger showoff, or more likely because they want to connect. I don’t care how much you dwell in misanthropy while you listen to black metal; every human being in the world needs to connect with others. Even more so with people that have similar interests. In a general sense, metal creates a community, and it is one I would like to connect to a lot more, in the hopes that it will connect others with each other as well.

Angelus Mortem will provide something for everybody. From album reviews, playlists, interviews, and an album/artist of the week segment, there isn’t much room for boredom. Each and every post is open to discussion and will not censored or deleted (unless you’re intentionally harassing people like a pathetic troll), which is the point of the mass-communicative world we live in today. As well as educating others, I hope to educated as well. I do not know everything, and the more content that is shared from others, the more I myself can discover. I am at an exiting point in my life where I absorb information like a sponge adsorb water and am willing to learn and discover as much as anybody else who comes here.

So WELCOME metal bothers and sisters, to the most savage and open-minded media outlet on the Internet. My name is Nikodem, a.k.a Obscurum, and I hope you enjoy this content and have a raging good time!